The downside and upside of internet

its time to consciously use internet as a learning tool

Mengan Yang
3 min readJun 24, 2020


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different level of internet user(roughly)

NOTICE: these classification is impossible to be accurate, but its enough to deliver my concept

why classification is important? some people belongs to level a and level b might not have full experience of internet

Level A and B:people who use internet just for sending messages,watch youtube/NETFLIX/porn, dictionary, and play some games on ONLY phone

for more than level C: requires computer skill

LEVEL C(use computer per 3 days user):playing computer game, download software,knows relatively more computer short cut, download music/video

LEVEL D(everyday computer user): having online course(not because of COVID19), internet sex videochat/webcam, writing code, earning money by internet,download “illegal content” by bittorrent,using google drive to upload/download everyday/ know how to use VPN, engage in form, like quora, reddit, ppt… etc.

LEVEL F: hacker

Thanks to my environment, i have always been at Level D: i used notebook for writing articles on medium, writing introspect on google doc, upload/download videos from google doc( mostly my canon80D video), nordvpn, adobe illustrator,after effect, premierepro, watch naruto/netflix, omegle, learning languages, and learn from youtube, havent been playinig games for years, but when i was younger i play CrazyRacing KartRider

the downside of internet

@ instantaneously access to tons of information: this could be an advantage,however, my personal experience is that, i have a hard time consciously select which information is more important to me right now. for example: sometimes tinder, whatsapp, skype, telegram, gmail would pop up at least 8 notifications within 15 minutes, i often incorrectly prioritize things.

solution: delete app, and only respond messages twice in a day except emergent message. im so proud of myself today i delete tinder and instagram.

@ less care about others feeling,comment: there are some incidents that people’s vicious comment hurt people, even make people suffer from depression/suicide. since sharing opinions on internet is way more convenient and functional than sharing in person, we often share opinion without thinking the consequences.

solution: review what we wrote everytime

@ unstable internet: even though we could video chat anytime now, but nowadays there are still a lot of region which internet is unstable, therefore the quality of communication could be very bad.

solution: carefully select places when doing video chat.

@ talking unnecessarily: since we could talk to basically anyone, we often unconsciously talking. take myself as an example: instead of talking about something that really maters in my life, or things could make me learn. sometimes when my energy is low, i text people about repetitive content, like i only want to know one person’s opinion about my article but since its too fucking convenient i would send to 4 people, therefore i need to spend more time on replying their messages.

solution: just like selecting business partner, if i were to learn things more effectively, i should also filter out people who is unable to have high engagement conversation with me.

@ focus more on internet but not physical: take myself as an example, more people focus on using video chatting app, tinder, instagram to make friend now. if people spend more energy on virtual world, even the coolest guy like me trying to talk to you, you could possibly miss the chance to learn, to enjoy high quality interaction. i, myself, having been trapping into this vicious social virual world. overall i hate it, because the attention on internet its just insufficient.

solution: dont use internet to socialize unless its a chance to learn

the upside of internet

the reason why i still love internet soooooo fucking much is because internet is the thing that makes me become more openminded and knowledgable.

@ learn effectively: i improved my russian, english language skill, social skill, science… fuck literally every fuckinhg thing, just by google company. including youtube of course.

danger: subconsciously absorb unwanted content

solution: introspect everyday

@ communication : everyone knows this, theres nothing to say. i could even video chat and do instagram live while hitchhiking at the middle of nowhere.

please criticize me, i hope you could help me to gain more perspective, i hope you could share you thoughts in the comments i would love to read it, it would be fucking fantasticc