Mengan Yang
2 min readNov 28, 2022


Story begins in khabarovsk, it is a city with emptiness, compare to Taiwan.

Emptiness means people little, things are not densely placed.

It is by contrast a beauty.

Ukraine has its significance, I always want to talk about the grandma, the only grandma.

Once, I sit cross legged on the street on Lviv. A old woman came by thought I was homeless, trying to give me some food, although I was homeless, I cannot resist by say: “

Hey give me some bread would you”

yes this happen in 2021.

Not some centuries ago.

MY father would think I am shameful, or I should be working and yet, maybe his expectations upon his child was too overwhelmed.

Yes, I am using this.

So, once upon a time, back to khabarovsk, a dwelling being comes over me and ask for money, again, I was in fact rich. Huh?? yes, I stretched a bit and call 911.

He was injured.


It’s a secret.

What is the point , perhaps there is no point.

Okay so, where was khabarovsk.

Well, first off

I did traveled by hitchhike to khabarovsk.

from vladivastok

it was a long ride, like

holly shit the snow is pulling over my dick

and the rain is scrolling upon the windy part of the prankster.

It was dynamic.

People might think, okay some guys are crazy enough to talk about these but we do not know what does it mean to takes once life.

Once you have taken one’s life you will never start over again beating up people’s guts?

Sure thing.

Kamilija , what I would not give up on.

Often people expect the story life keeps storing in the same percentage of what is about to happen, or the unfortunate fact of every system is corrupting.

But , I am going to tell you that today none of these will happen in hell nor heaven.

See when Iwas in chicago airport, I do not know a damn thing about amercian. I was like yo

the amercian was like “ okay you speak chinese?? im sorry mandarin??

and Iwas like okay i aint gonna tell you anything about my past and future

she is like okay fuck me

i am like okay police is right over there

pull over the car and come straight forward in front of the cops and tell me which game you are going to play

and maybe we will play along since the game itself is notoriously playful.

isnt that so? all youndies and maydies(those who were born in july)

I do not think much in terms of sexuality , i mean i do like to experience something but at the same time life is like, i wanna be likea wind and just be , life between death and hello i am here now cant you see me

is so mysteriously placed and therefore no regard whatsoever.

with no life time of regards i cannot tell you i am going to fail

all i have to say is

this is is i i like donuts pause the video!!