Like and Dislike on youtube is pointless

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i understand there are only a little percent of people dislike this video compare to the likes this video have. but i still cant understand why there will be people who dislike this epic music, i mean, this music video was being played by so many people, so many efforts all together.


i think i was being too closeminded, considering how diverse our life is, people who dislike this video might not because of the music suck, it may because

“fuck, this music play better than me, im so jealous”

“i dont like their emotion”

“they could have played better”

“my ex girl friend is playing music in this video, how dare she left me”

“1 year old kid accidentally press the dislike button”

the point i am trying to make is that people press dislike button or like button doesnt mean they really like or dislike, it might be a determinded by other factors, like our mood.

i am talking about youtube and instagram, recently i found out people could buy views, likes even comments from some websites!

they successfully buy views and subscribers

i am not so surprised when i realized how powerful artificial intelligence will be in the near future. i know there are a lot of AI could wrtie poem right now, if they could do that, then you know what i mean:))

if a person walk to you touch your shoulder and say

“good job Harry well done!”

does that really mean you done real good shit today? or even though you are confident that you done good thing today, does it mean that this random person are recognizing/truly complimenting your work? or it could be a sarcasm? complimenting for their own good?

although i am trying to say that there are thousands of reasons behind one behavior, trying to be paranoid and suspicious. but there are actually some ways to find out whether these are true/genuine compliment/review/dislike.

the answer is high engagement.

for example: you and your best friend sitting down fact to face and talk about a certain things that you both resonate about. like

eric: “i successfully stopped masturbating for 6 days, but today i break it:((“

harry: “why do you wanna stopped masturbating? isnt this a normal behavior?”

eric explain the reason

harry: “i disagree, i think youre pushing yourself too much”

eric further convince harry why its bad for him to masturbate

harry: “but isnt it so hard to stop it, i mean your penis is right on your body”

eric: “exactly, but i want to save the world, i cant waste my energy on this stupid masturbation”

harry: “eric listen! after you explain with me, and knowing that you successfully stopped it for 6 days, i already thing you made a super good progress, i mean some people dont even want to help others they ony want to satusfy themselves, but you are sacrificing your own pleasure in exchange of making others happy”

eric: “man im not as good as you think but im really thankful and lucky that you recognize me”

in this example, there are three elements that composed of high engagement conversation @1 they have conversation in person not via internet, because physically chatting allow us to hear clearly, even tough one another, or clearer emotion @ 2 disagreement appear : if you hear a person keep agreeing with you there is a high chance that they are not being genuine @ 3 both parties give big attention/ interest to one another, keep following up the topic or ask deeper question

in conclusion, nothing really matter because everyone wants different things, but we have more chance to control our own narrow sense purpose, compliment ourselves.



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