Mengan Yang
2 min readJan 8, 2023

I am lucky to make videos of this in Kyiv before I sold my camera.

This video is unusual because I had been living in Russian culture for 400 days but almost no one interact with each other on the street.

The problem with people interact with each other on the street is we kill the trust with one another.

We become more and more unfamiliar and the impression of human forming on television becomes more familiar.

And yet, is that even real?

Am I the only one who want to live in war? Who want to experience terrible earthquake?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a 79 percent vegan, donate quite some time to effective charity and are very sensitive to human-animal and non human-animal’s suffering.

But am I the only one who miss the team work appeared when we are facing with poverty together?

Maybe I am too unaware and lack of knowledge about how much team work has formed when covid19 strike us?

If earthquake happened, and a bunch of strangers including me are trapped in the same space without phone for 3 days.

I would sing and loud(i wish i have some food), i would no longer be hindered by robots walking on the street, being too afraid to dance and sing, to be myself.

Yesterday morning, I lost my tuition fee 30 minutes before due time. I told my mom about the situation but she wasn’t physically present at the moment. She was so furious that non of the people who is physcially present with me could lend me money. My grandma, auntie and maid.

me: mom, seriously maid only got 200TWD, and I need 10000TWD. auntie left her debit card in Taipei, and she only have 300TWD. and grandma has nothing but her worthy old fake teeth.

mom shouted and disbelivingly said: how is that possible, i dont trust them at all, they must be lying to you, they dont want to help you.

My mom has never been so furious and reveal how distrustful three of my family members are to my mom.( yes i see maid as my family member)

I thought my mom is getting closer with my auntie because they aren’t conflicting anymore, I thought my mom trust my maid because she eats the food she cook and being curious about her indonesian background. I thought my mom likes my grandma because she compliment how tranquilizing she is and how healthy she is.

But emergency distort my impression of my mom.

I guess being a scored 3 in neuroticism, I am enchanted to see people’s negative emotions trigger by non-survival threatening event.