everyone has mental illness

only criminal are psychologically bad than you?

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a person who rape people: ” my thinking just let me to find any girl i could on the street”,for me it was his lack of patience, a person who kill people: “i dont know i just feel so emotional, we didnt really have a big conflict, then i just grab whatever i can to hurt my surroundings”

why we are all the same?

i believe that everyone has experienced the inability of having more patience and this contribute to mistakes. but some people might argue“ yoo eric, i agree with you 50 percent, everyone can be impatient depends on things, and everyone make mistakes, but he is different! he raped a girl, and its not a 20 year old girl, its 5!! its completely immoral, ”

yes i agree with you guys, “but listen! you really never had a situation that feel like you want murder? or you want to rape? you want to do bad things? you cant wait, you have no patience? well i will give you guys a chance for you to win this debate, lets suppose you never had these experiences.which is .. but ! at least i admit that i had these experiences before

i have encounter people whose families and friends being killed by drunk driver in an car accident, they revealed that they had thought about killing the driver. i know plenty of people they like rape porn because they also have fantasies of raping people, .i observed numerous of situation in my life that people doing things ineffectively because out of patience, including myself ofcourse.

but these aren’t enough to be called “ committing crime “ right? most of the people only have the thoughts but without real action. but the character in the video he really did it.

so what makes the different? what makes the character in this video crazy enough, wild enough, impatient enough or brave enough to commit crime? i think the key is environment, to be more specific the family background that criminal have, educational background, appearance also matters.

dont you realize that most of the famous people has better face or body ratio ? dont you notice that most of the criminals are financially poor?and do you think its their fault that they were born in such condition ? or our life is highly based on luck, and we judge people by instinct without deep thoughts?

in conclusion, i think everyone would commit crime, as long as your parents doesnt pay too much attention on educating you, or umm having problem with money, and surrounding friends who also do some crime.

shouldnt we pay more attention on fixing our education on the latest generation? and advertising the importance of empathy rather than burger king? and rather than catching each individual who commit crime? again , everyone could be the criminal, because often we think we are better than criminal further to criticize them and giving no empathy further to make people who has less advantage unable to get better environment . dont forget everyone was once a baby, dont know how to kill or rape but environment determine our destiny.



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