Coming too strong?

story background

Mengan Yang
2 min readMay 25, 2020

asking number on couch surfing from a girl who is proposing to hangout after a few messages each from us.

screenshot from couchsurfing

question: should i ask for number after awhile?or should i directly ask for number at the very beginning of the conversation?

(i already know the answer, but by writing down my thoughts i could make my brain to gain a better memory in this regard:)) ) the answer is i should not wait awhile, i should directly ask for number because i am looking for open-minded person, by asking number at the beginning of the conversation is the chance for me to filter out people who is not open-minded, or people who feel insecure, potentially lacking of confidence


well, (still a bit embarrassed at this point but FUCK IT )if i am planning to have sex with this girl, then i could ask for number after awhile, since what i mainly focus on getting from this girl is not her life experience since she was incapable of sharing too much, but only sex , then its not necessary for me use “examination” to select who is lacking of confidence. because most of the girl want sex, but not everyone has the ability to make high engagement conversation with me.

May you share with me your asking out experience?